Thank you for your interest in the 54th ERA-EDTA Congress in Madrid.




June 1, 2017

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
A Challenge for European Healthcare Systems


“Pre-Congress” Press Event/Opening Press Conference
Thursday, June 1, 11.00 am


June 2, 2017


Opening of the 54th Congress of the ERA-EDTA in Madrid
“We were the first discipline that could replace organ function for a period of many years –and I am optimistic that we will be the first to regenerate organ function completely”


June 3, 2017

Risk prediction tools in nephrology
Precious instruments for risk stratification or just gadgets of electronic wizardry?


June 4, 2017


Late Breaking Clinical Trials´ Session

June 5, 2017

Why do CKD patients undergo premature aging?
CDKN2A/p16INK4a is associated with vascular progeria in the uremic milieu


June 6. 2017


Efficient strategies to reduce the burden of drug abuse are needed
The global burden of renal disease related to abuse of illicit drugs might be expected to increase

“Pre-Congress” Press Event/Opening Press Conference
Thursday, June 1, 11.00 am - See more at:
“Pre-Congress” Press Event/Opening Press Conference
Thursday, June 1, 11.00 am - See more at:
“Pre-Congress” Press Event/Opening Press Conference
Thursday, June 1, 11.00 am - See more at:

We would be happy to welcome you at the congress, where the latest scientific highlights in the field of nephrology will be presented. Below you find our press-related information (which will be updated regularly). Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Press Office ERA-EDTA
Dr. Bettina Albers
Jakobstrasse 38
99423 Weimar
Tel. +49 3643/ 7764-23
Fax +49 3643/ 7764-52>
Mobile +49 174 2165629

Media Registration

Pre-registered journalists can pick up their press passes at the press office, room A9.14. The press pass provides access to all the sessions and symposia at this congress.
For onsite registration, media representatives are similarly requested to come to the press room.
The following identification will be required: press identification/press card and a letter of assignment from the news organization being represented.
Please note: public relations personnel and exhibitors cannot register as Press!

ERA-EDTA will grant press credentials to journalists employed by accredited media organisations for the purpose of editorial coverage. Official industry spokespersons, staff and communications agents are not eligible for press registration.
Journalists must submit press credentials (press card) and a letter from the editorial office of the magazine/newspaper verifying that the journalist is being sent to cover the ERA-EDTA congress. A copy of the press card and of the letter from the editorial office should be sent to the ERA-EDTA press office (Fax +49 3643/ 7764-52;

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All journalists attending the congress and/or the press events are obliged to hand in a copy of their article (about the congress, the press briefings or symposia of the congress) within 6 month after the congress. The copy can be send to the press office via mail ( or via post or fax (address and contact details see above). Journalists who do not submit an article will be charged the full congress fee after expiration of the deadline. With the delivery of the press pass, journalists have to sign this agreement.
Press Room
ERA-EDTA will be providing a fully-equipped press room (WiFi/printer) in PRESS ROOM A9.14. Press folders and other materials will be available.


Opening hours:
Saturday, June 3 08:30-18:00
Sunday, June 4 07:30-18:00
Monday, June 5 07:30-18:00
Tuesday, June 6 07:30-14:00

ERA-EDTA Press Events

“Pre-Congress” Press Event/Opening Press Conference
Thursday, June 1, 11.00 am
Jiménez Díaz
Escuela de Enfermería. Edificio de Investigación. 5ª planta. Ascensores verdes School of Nursing. Investigation Building. 5th floor. Green elevators
Avenida de los Reyes Católicos 2
28040 Madrid
This opening press conference, held in Spanish (and mainly aimed at Spanish media), will highlight the importance of prevention and early detection of chronic kidney disease.

Scientific Press Conference
Sunday, June 4, 9.30-10.30 am
Room N112, Level 1 of the IFEMA Feria de Madrid (North Congress Center).
A selection of the “Late Breaking Clinical Trials” (LBCT) and of papers published in top medical
journals at the time of the congress will be presented by their authors and will be discussed.
Please note that the embargo of the LBCT is lifted when presentation of the paper commences in the LBCT session of the main programme – but not at the press conference itself.
Any media representative who would like to conduct an interview with the ERA-EDTA President, an ERA-EDTA Council member, or one of the Congress Presidents, please contact Bettina Albers via email ( or +49-174-2165629).
The press office might also be of help to contact the speakers from scientific presentations.
Embargo Policy
All abstracts presented at the ERA-EDTA are embargoed until the date and time of their presentation. The embargo is lifted at the beginning of the presentation, not at the beginning of the session!
We kindly ask industry representatives not to schedule press events that coincide with the official ERA-EDTA press events.
ERA-EDTA does NOT make its press database available to industry or other association.

Official hashtag
The official hashtag of the 54th ERA-EDTA Congress is #eraedta17.