Art Exhibition during the 54th ERA-EDTA Congress!

During the Congress two different Art Exhibitions will take place in Hall 10.


MOVING FORWARDS by Cristina Ortiz Castillo

The artist has confirmed: “In this exhibition I wanted to enhance a new experience through figures and pieces of texts, with the aim of opening a dialogue between the art work and the observer.

Some of the collages are just abstractions aiming to reach harmony and balance among colour, calligraphy and images while in others the posture of anonymous young people deciding to move forward prevails. They are in careful and studied stereotype poses which try to give an impression of self-confidence, which is not always real, but it is what the society expects from them, a fact that the economical crisis has aggravated hiding a difficult social situation compensated by a positive and firm image (appearance). All my pictures share the pose of success.
The figures and the abstractions are complemented with texts and isolated words, my intention is not to make the observer read this text, I just want to create a visual context which complements and melts the global effect of the figures. The words and short texts are ironic and disconnected, sometimes frivolous, impossible to interpret because the goal is to achieve the balance and harmony in the collage as a whole.”


Bellco Medtronic Collection for Contemporary Art - edited by Andrea B. Del Guercio
The Alchemy of Purification is the result of a collaboration between Bellco Medtronic and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, with the aim of creating a unique collection of paintings that can increase awareness of  renal pathologies and access to the most appropriate treatments.

Andrea B. Del Guercio said: “The Bellco Medtronic Collection for Contemporary Art comprises a first group of ten large paintings that is relevant for the heritage of the History of Art.
The direction that this project has taken and the actual nature of the Bellco Medtronic  Collection relate to the concept of culture itself; in particular, since the beginning the expressive languages and the visual grammars, which appear different in composition and formal nature, have been contaminated with the clinical values and the psychological aspects of the disease, with the medical devices - sometimes  tangibly included in some works – and with the sympathy for the painful experience.”

Five paintings of the Bellco Medtronic Collection for Contemporary Art will be exposed in this Art Exhibition.

In addition the pictures of the three winners of the 2017 World Kidney Day ERA-EDTA Photo Contest are also exhibited.